Established in 1959 as Warren A. Minner Structural Engineer, MASK (Minner & Associates,
Stinnett - Koo) is continuing the tradition of serving California with a wide variety of structural
and associated civil engineering services.

Our long term commitment to providing quality design has given us experience with almost
every type of structure.  The primary design goals of MASK are safety, durability, and cost
effectiveness.  Design drawings are complete in all details resulting in more competitive bids
and fewer change orders.  Our experience in construction review assures you of a practical
and economical design.

Our job does not end with the completion of the design drawings and specifications.  Upon
request, we will provide construction review of the contractor’s work.  When unanticipated
conditions, field changes, or substitutions, occur MASK is available to handle those
situations.  We check and approve submittals and shop drawings, solve field problems,
make inspections and issue a Notice of Completion.  

Our diverse experience allows us to approach a project from all angles, thus providing
excellent services in an efficient response time without diminishing the quality of the work.  
We strive and do remain current on all applicable codes, regulations and ordinances,
including updating of codes as appropriate reprints or addenda are available.  We have a
library of all major codes, including codes from Europe, Japan and Canada.

Our qualified staff is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients in an effort to
establish long term relationships.  We look forward to serving you.